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 In a marketplace fueled by rapid-fire innovation, developers of consumer products must contend with challenges ranging from shifting brand loyalties to pricing pressures, safety and compliance issues, and increasingly high customer expectations. Our seasoned IP practitioners craft and execute broad-based strategies that guide products to market and position clients for long-term growth.

McKee, Voorhees & Sease represents organizations of all sizes – from individuals to market leaders – encompassing virtually every type of consumer product, including toys & games, clothing, skin care products, food & beverages, sporting equipment, hand and power tools, lawn and garden equipment, phone apps, infant/baby products and household appliances. Innovators value the breadth of our technical abilities, our experience across all products and markets, and our emphasis on collaborative relationships.

As a dedicated IP boutique, we offer services for every stage of the IP life cycle, covering everything from patents to trademarks, trade dress, copyright, licensing, litigation, and regulatory review. We provide scalable solutions that protect our clients’ innovations and products and extend their brands while remaining true to their business focus.

MVS lawyers are well-equipped to handle the swift pace of globalization, overseeing worldwide patent and trademark filings and examination in over 160 countries. We regularly handle agreements for overseas transactions, manage worldwide-scale IP portfolios, and collaborate with our clients to understand their markets and business goals, to advise clients on domestic and/or international protection and compliance strategies, no matter the company size.

Services include:

  • Design patents
  • Utility patents
  • Trademarks/Trade dress
  • Copyrights
  • Branding
  • Patentability search and opinions
  • Freedom-to-operate analysis
  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Domestic and worldwide IP portfolio planning and management
  • Invention disclosure vetting and analysis
  • Competitive landscape audit
  • License agreement drafting and negotiation
  • Litigation enforcement and defense
  • Patent and trademark infringement analysis
  • Regulatory and compliance issues


  • Root Four Imagination – In-vehicle devices and Apps that provide vehicle diagnostics and driving feedback
  • Mi-T-M – Pressure washers, air compressors, generators, portable heaters
  • TriMark – Handles, locks, latches hardware for recreational vehicles
  • Maytag/Whirlpool – Appliances
  • Blaine Laboratories – Skin care products
  • Osage Healthcare – Hair care products
  • Cmech/Betelli – Screen door locks, latches, and closers
  • Western Interlock – Concrete retaining wall blocks
  • Green Products – Cat litter
  • C & S Products – Bird feed and feeders
  • Smitty Bee – Honey
  • com – RV accessories.
  • Putco – Motorvehicle lighting accessories.
  • Jarritos, C2O, and Steaz – Beverage products
  • AE Dairy – Dairy products
  • WeCool Toys – Toy products
  • Aloha 21st Century Boomboxes

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