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Not only do the attorneys of McKee, Voorhees & Sease provide assistance in technical areas of intellectual property law, we strive to build meaningful relationships with our clients. By truly appreciating a client’s identity, their business, and their goals, we can truly be their intellectual property partner to better fulfill our client’s needs. This is extremely important to the long-term success of our clients’ intellectual property assets. Whether you are a first-time inventor or a global operation with a significant intellectual property portfolio, we are prepared to build a relationship with you to help satisfy your needs.

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Firm History

McKee, Voorhees & Sease attorneys have been practicing intellectual property law for many years. Talbert Dick, one of Iowa’s pioneer patent lawyers, established our firm in 1924. Born in 1898, he was a veteran of WW1, did his post-graduate law study at Harvard University and received a master’s degree in Patent Law (L.L.M.) from National University in Washington, D.C. As the legend goes, Talbert Dick decided to start his patent practice in Des Moines because he believed it would become a city of commerce, as it was already a railroad center.

Since 1924, the firm has continued its growth from a solo practice to a group of intellectual property specialists. While many things have changed since Talbert Dick’s founding days, one thing has stayed the same. Our firm continues its dedication to both the practice of intellectual property law and its service to clients as a faithful advocate.

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