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Sophisticated lighting applications incorporate complex technologies that can be difficult to patent and protect. Innovations in the generation, control by reflectance and optics, and effective application of light – in terms of intensity, coverage, and efficiency – involve intricate physics concepts. Combining extensive IP experience with scientific expertise, we help clients translate their lighting devices, methods, and systems into first-to-market intellectual property assets.

Our lawyers counsel and represent players in the mass-market retail, education, sports, and entertainment sectors, among others. We enjoy long-term, collaborative relationships with many of our clients, who rely on us to protect the full scope of their technologically diverse inventions.

Members of our team hold degrees in physics or engineering, allowing us to grasp the complex science behind our clients’ inventions and identify novel elements. We also call on firm colleagues in other practice areas, such as litigation, to develop 360-degree IP strategies.

Services include:

  • Patentability search and opinions
  • Freedom-to-operate analysis and opinions
  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Portfolio planning
  • Invention disclosure vetting and analysis
  • Inventor analysis
  • Competitive landscape audit
  • License agreement drafting and negotiation
  • Trademark prosecution and counseling
  • Litigation enforcement and defense
  • Trade secret determination and management
  • Cybersecurity best practices


  • Prepared and prosecuted U.S. patent number US 5,647,661, HIGH EFFICIENCY, HIGHLY CONTROLLABLE LIGHTING APPARATUS AND METHOD, for Musco Corporation.
  • Prepared and prosecuted U.S. patent number US 9,689,544 B2, LIGHT ENGINE FOR AND METHOD OF SIMULATING A FLAME, for MJ Products, Inc.
  • Prepared and prosecuted U.S. patent number 10,351,050, EMERGENCY OR WORK RELATED LIGHT BAR, for Putco, Inc.


Lighting Team

Mark D. Hansing

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Kirk M. Hartung

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Kevin M. Kercher

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Luke T. Mohrhauser

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Gregory Lars Gunnerson

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Joseph M. Hallman

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Ashley E. Holland

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