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Ashley E. Holland

Ashley Holland is an Intellectual Property Attorney in the Biotechnology & Chemical Practice Group. She has a technical background in chemistry. Before coming to MVS, Ashley gained valuable experience as an undergraduate researcher developing thin films for University of Nebraska Physics Department. Ashley’s practice primarily relates to chemical and biotechnology patent preparation and prosecution.

Ashley earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry and Physics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She attended Creighton University School of Law and graduated in 2021.

  • Biotechnology Patents
  • Chemical Patents
  • Copyright and Media Law
  • Design Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Chemistry, Material Sciences, and Nanotechnology
  • Consumer Products and Technology
  • Copyright, Media, Entertainment, And Branding
  • Food and Beverage Technologies
  • Lighting

Professional Associations

Iowa State Bar Association


Creighton University School of Law, J.D., 2021

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.A., Chemistry and Physics, 2018

Bar & Court Admissions

Iowa State Bar, 2021

U.S Patent & Trademark Office, 2021

Awards & Recognition

Intellectual Property Society- 2018-2021

  • Vice President- 2019-2020
  • President- 2020-2021

National Patent Drafting Competition- 2019-2021

  • Team Nationally Ranked 3rd- Spring 2020

International Trademark Association Moot Court Competition- 2019-2020

Moot Court Board- 2020

George Beadle Scholarship- Fall 2014-2018

UNL Debtate Team- 2014- 2018

  • National Forensics Association Debate Contender- Spring 2017
  • Captain- 2017- 2018

Copyleft or Copyright: Exploring Copyright Protections of Memes

Memes have been ubiquitous with internet culture for decades now. In the context of the internet, memes often take the form of images, videos, phrases, or concepts that are shared and remixed by users. They can be humorous, satirical, or convey a particular message or emotion. Memes often are best at communicating a shared experience […]

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The Supreme Court Will Finally Hear the “Trump Too Small” Trademark Case

In June, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the trademark dispute over “Trump Too Small”. The Supreme Court will finally start hearing this case starting November 1, 2023. This case arose out of Steve Elster’s efforts to register the phrase “Trump Too Small” for printing on shirts. In attempting to register this trademark, the Examining […]

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Atari’s Trademark Troubles with Redbubble

It seems to get more difficult for companies with well-known trademarks to go after online marketplaces like Redbubble for trademark infringement. Atari, the well-known video game maker and one of their products Pong, asked the Ninth Circuit to review a district court decision in their case against Redbubble. Atari, and other companies such as the […]

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No longer a little blue bird, what will IP look like for Twitter’s new “X”?

Recently Twitter announced that they are attempting to rebrand into “X”. When businesses are rebranding, there can be significant implications on intellectual property rights and certain considerations one should consider such as a trademark search, trademark registration, and copyrights. Trademarks and copyrights can cover single letters, like “X”. A trademark is used to distinguish and […]

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Will the Supreme Court Finally Clarify Patent Eligibility?

To be eligible for a patent, an invention must be a “useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter.” However, in recent years, the U.S. Supreme Court has narrowed the scope of patent eligibility. In the landmark cases Mayo Collaborative Services v. Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. (2012) and Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International (2014), the […]

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The Supreme Court Agrees to Review Jack Daniels Dog Toy Case

November 21st, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a trademark dispute between Jack Daniel’s and the dog toy company VIP Products. VIP Products creates a dog toy line called “Silly Squeakers” which are squeaking toys that look like the Jack Daniel’s square-shaped bottle of Old No. 7 Whiskey but replace the Jack Daniel’s wording. VIP […]

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The USPTO Takes Steps to Encourage International Green Technologies

Last month, the USPTO announced that they have become a technology partner to WIPO GREEN, a World Intellectual Property Organization partnership aimed at highlighting green technologies. WIPO GREEN was established in 2013 and includes over 2,000 international users and over 130 international public and private companies, offices, organizations, research institutes, and business groups. This program […]

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USPTO Issues Report on Current State of Patent Eligibility Law

Earlier this week the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued a report to Congress regarding public comments and insight into the state of patent subject matter eligibility. See report here. Patent eligibility law has been complicated by recent Supreme Court decisions like Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank (2014) and Mayo v. Prometheus (2012). Even […]

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Could AI be An Inventor?

Stephen Thaler is an AI researcher who has developed a device for the autonomous bootstrapping of unified sentience, or DABUS, an AI machine. In recent years he, or rather DABUS, has been producing both copyrightable and patentable work. Yet, countries around the world aren’t quite convinced. Many countries, like the US, clearly distinguish who may […]

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