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MVS Briefs March 2022March 29, 2022

  • Patent Tips and Tricks – The Patent Prosecution Highway written by Luke T. Mohrhauser
  • The Criticality of Early Patent Application Filing written by Kirk M. Hartung
  • Color as a Trademark: Why is the Yellow TOLLHOUSE Bag a trademark, but the Yellow CHEERIOS Box is Not? written by Michael C. Gilchrist
  • Can I Patent my App? written by Julie L. Spieker
  • Federal Circuit Provides Insight Regarding an IPR Petitioner’s Inability to Maintain an IPR Proceeding Based on a Ground that was Raised or Reasonably Could have been Raised During a Previous IPR written by Joseph M. Hallman
  • We’ve Been and We’ll Be! Find out where our attorneys are speaking, what events they’re attending and what events they have attended recently!
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