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Why You Need a Patent AttorneySeptember 19, 2023

Getting a patent for your invention is necessary to protect your intellectual property. It ensures that no one can steal your design and attempt to make money off of it. However, getting a patent does require a patent attorney. There are several ways one of these professionals can help you.


To get a patent, you must first join countless others in filling out a patent application. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, 2021 had 509,962 patent applications. However, one mistake and this application must be filled out all over again. The last thing you want is to waste time by restarting this process. A patent attorney can ensure the application is correctly filled out. If time is money, then this is well worth the investment!


Patent law is constantly evolving. While you may have learned the ins and outs a few years ago, you can also face a roadblock when discovering new laws or regulations. That’s where a specialized attorney will outshine every other option. They have a wealth of knowledge regarding patents, ensuring you have up-to-date knowledge.


Filing a patent in a competitive landscape requires a certain amount of strategy. A lawyer can help determine any challenges you may face to ensure your patent stands out. They can assist you in deciding which patent to apply for to secure your invention, helping decrease the chance of rejection.

If you’ve already tried to file a patent and have been denied, working with a qualified professional is essential. They can determine why it was rejected and can help you fine-tune the language to avoid another rejection. This will alleviate a lot of frustration down the road.


You may need help even after your patent application has been accepted. Legal issues may arise regarding your patent, as someone may claim they already have a patent on your invention. Navigating these issues yourself can be tricky, but a lawyer can help you figure it out.

A patent attorney can provide you with valuable knowledge every step of the way. They can help you draft a patent and learn how to keep your invention or intellectual property from being stolen by someone else. Call McKee, Voorhees & Sease, PLC today for consultation on your patent needs.

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