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Trademark filing costs on the riseDecember 7, 2004

Paper trademark filing costs to increaseAccording to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the U.S. Congress is set to approve an multiple appropriations measure to fund federal government. Included in this spending package is legislation that increases one trademark fee and reduces another for the remainder of fiscal year 2005 through September 30, 2006).After the president signs the appropriations bill and the USPTO gives notice to the Federal Register, the basic filing fee for a standard paper application, per class, will be raised from $335 to $375. The basic filing fee for an electronic application, per class, will be reduced from $335 to $325.The legislation also authorizes the USPTO to institute another basic filing fee reduction, this one to $275, per class, under conditions prescribed by the director of the USPTO. However, before this $275 fee is instituted, certain automated systems must be perfected.For more details on the fee changes, log on to

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