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Sharing information with independent inventorsAugust 29, 2005

One person with one idea can change the lives of millions. But the road from humble idea to public genius is bumpy and complex, especially if you are working on your own or as a part of a small group. So in an effort to help some of these creative minds achieve their goals of finding great success with their concepts, attorney Robert A. Hodgson and Kyle S. Coleman will be offering some insight into the world of intellectual property law. The two specialize in patent and trademark law with the Des Moines-based firm of McKee, Voorhees & Sease. They will be featured speakers at the South Dakota Innovation Expo schedule for Wednesday, Oct. 19 in Sioux Falls, SD. Hodgson will give attendees the basics on ‘Policing Your Property’. More specifically, he will explain how inventors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and others can keep tabs on their patents and trademarks to make sure no one else is using them without proper licensing.Coleman will explain ‘Looks Do Matter: Understanding Trade Dress Issues?’ which pertains to everything from business logo color and design to product packaging and more. Now in it’s second year, the Innovation Expo brings together inventors, business people, city and state officials, students, professors, investors and others to educate and inform each other about the tricks of the trade unique to innovation.For more information about the Expo, log on to or call 605-697-5015.

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