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MVS Attorneys to Attend American Seed Trade Association Conference (ASTA)June 14, 2017

MVS Intellectual Property Attorneys Patricia A. Sweeney (Of Counsel), Heidi S. Nebel (Managing Member), and Jill N. Link, Pharm.D., are planning to attend the ASTA 2017 Voyage of Better Seed Conference. The conference will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota from June 21st – June 24th.

Founded in 1883, the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) is one of the oldest trade organizations in the United States. Its membership consists of over 700 companies involved in seed production and distribution, plant breeding, and related industries in North America. As an authority on plant germplasm, ASTA advocates science and policy issues of industry-wide importance.

ASTA’s mission is to be an effective voice of action in all matters concerning the development, marketing and movement of seed, associated products and services throughout the world. ASTA promotes the development of better seed to produce better crops for a better quality of life.

Education, debate and advocacy are on the agenda for this ASTA annual convention. Attendees focus on science and policy issues related to the development and free movement of quality seed worldwide. This is also when new association officers are installed. This event gathers more than 400 seed industry professionals from every division of the association, and serves as the crucial annual policy development meeting.

Learn more about the American Seed Trade Association and the event here! 

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