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As reported in the last issue of MVS Spotlight, John D. Goodhue has authored a book called Persuasive Presentations: The Essential Guide for Lawyers, in conjunction with Ann E. Brenden of the Iowa Attorney General’s office. The book is published by the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Division and currently is the Law Practice Management Division’s best selling book this year. The purpose of the book is to teach lawyers how to use computer presentations in their daily practice to capture the attention of any audience and how to persuade using computer presentations.The book continues to receive favorable commentary from the legal community. In Lawyers Weekly USA, William C. Smith explains, ‘In concise, well-organized chapters, Brenden and Goodhue offer broad strategies and practical pointers for computer presentations at trials, settlement talks, appellate arguments, seminars, and meetings.’Wendy L. Werner of The Law Marketing Portal explains, ‘The authors have done their homework and it shows. They have assembled a broad variety of cases, both civil and criminal, in which computer presentations have been prominently featured. They offer strategy and examples of real world successes that illustrate their points dramatically.’If you’re interested in more information about this book, please contact John Goodhue at 515-288-3667.

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