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Our firm recently filed an opposition in the United States Trademark Office on behalf of Maytag Corporation against Hopper Radio of Florida, Inc. Maytag is the owner of the famous ‘MAGIC CHEF’ trademark that has been used for many years on kitchen appliances including ovens, freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, blenders, and mixers. Maytag has opposed Hopper Radio’s attempt to obtain a federal trademark registration on ‘MASTER CHEF’ for kitchen appliances. Maytag believes that since ‘MAGIC CHEF’ and ‘MASTER CHEF’ look and sound very similar, and would both be used on kitchen appliances, consumers are likely to become confused. A panel of judges at the U.S. Trademark Office will determine whether the trademarks are likely to be confused and whether Hopper Radio’s ‘MASTER CHEF’ trademark should or should not be allowed to register.

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