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Jill N. Link, Attorney SpotlightDecember 21, 2018

Get to Know Your IP Team!

1. How do you feel IP has changed in the chemical patent area since starting out as an IP attorney?
Chemical patent law has not changed as significantly as other areas (i.e. biotechnology, diagnostics and software). In my 10+ years of practice the greatest change has been the implementation of AIA (‘patent reform’). However, as a majority of my clients protect international portfolios their filing strategies remain vigilant to timely filing before any public disclosures to protect foreign rights.

2. If you could give one piece of encouraging advice to clients, what would you say?
Protecting IP assets is fun and rewarding. Investments of time and money are required; however, seeing your assets commercialized and realizing profits are exciting! It is like watching your baby grow up (but unlike children we expect this ‘baby’ to pay us back for our investments!).

3. Outside of the office, what are your favorite hobbies?
I love to experiment in the kitchen – both cooking and baking are hobbies. This makes sense since they involve chemistry, math and physics! I also enjoy spending time with my daughter (Evelyn will turn 1 in January).

4. Looking ahead to the next decade of your career, how do you want to influence the IP world?
My goal for influence is a bit more ‘local’ in focus. As I highly value my relationships with clients, I strive to be their trusted advisor – for the long term – well beyond the next 10 years!

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