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Get Your Patent FasterJune 27, 2006

In hopes of relieving some of the backlog at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a new ‘fast-track’ procedure offers patent applicants a 12-month turn around in the patent examiner’s final decision. However, there are a few extra steps that potential patent holders will have to take in order to be eligible for the ‘accelerated examination’ program. Below are a few of the requirementsApplicants must file electronically Applications must include a Petition to Make SpecialApplicants will be required to conduct a search of the prior art; submit all prior art that is closest to their invention; and explain what the prior art teaches and how their invention is differentApplicants must explicitly state how their invention is usefulNo more than 20 claims will be allowed (3 independent)Applicants must respond to all office actions within one monthThe new accelerated examination procedure will be enacted August 25, 2006. All applicants requesting Petition to Make Special will be required to meet these new standards. For further clarification about the proposed program, call your IP attorney. To make a comment or suggestion about the program, send to

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