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Des Moines patent firm sends ‘Treasures for Troops’April 20, 2003

The war in Iraq has affected every American and our allies around the world. Of course, no one was more affected than the soldiers who voluntarily headed overseas into dangerous territory leaving behind all the comforts of home. Warm thoughts, prayers and sometimes even phone calls or video broadcasts helped bridge the gap, but could hardly take the place of freedom to access all those creature comforts.In March, the Des Moines Chapter of the American Red Cross, like several other organizations around the country, announced that contributions of packaged goods to be shipped overseas would allow each and everyone of us the opportunity to show our support for our soldiers. The campaign, ‘Treasures for Troops,’ was hatched. With only one week to gather up goods to contribute to the cause, MVS staff dug into their pockets and cupboards and brought in a wide variety of those little things that remind us of home: packaged cookies, gum, candy bars, mints, books, CDs, games, videotapes even cash to help fund overseas shipping. All in all, four boxes flowed over with items weighing about 20 pounds.Added to the mix gathered at the American Red Cross offices, residents of the greater Des Moines area contributed more than 71,000 pounds of goods that were shipped out Friday, March 28.

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