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Call for Iowa inventorsJanuary 31, 2005

Iowa inventors — your time has come to receive the recognition you deserve. This spring the Science Center of Iowa (SCI) will open its doors on a new state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar building and within its walls will be a large area specifically dedicated to displaying inventions from Iowans. ‘The Iowa Technology Showcase is part of one of our major features in our experiential platform called ‘When Things Get Moving’,’ explains Kim Hunter, SCI Director of Programs.Now through March 31, 2005, models of inventions created by Iowans are being requested and gathered to include in the display. A film on DVD or a CD demonstrating the creation or purpose of the invention is another viable option if the invention is either too large or too small (nanotechnology). ‘This is a great opportunity for inventors to get the word out about their inventions,’ says Bart Fisher, patent attorney for McKee, Voorhees & Sease. For the past few months, Fisher, Hunter and SCI administrative assistant, Bobbie McGonigle have been brainstorming ideas on how to make the Iowa Technology Showcase come together. Putting a call out to Iowa inventors to submit models of their work seems ideal. ‘The reason we are doing this display is based on a series of focus groups we did with the various constituencies we serve,’ Hunter explains. ‘Those focus groups, particularly parents, told us that Iowa children thinking about what they want to be when they grow up, or even as they grow and consider career options…these children have no idea of all the tremendous technology that comes out of Iowa. ‘We’d like to show our children, that if you have an inventive mind, Iowa can help you. Iowa is on the cutting edge of inventive technology and this is what we want to showcase…things that are happening now, coming out now and things that will be out in a year from now,’ Hunter says. ‘It’s very exciting,’ Fisher adds. ‘And the children will get to learn so much.’ The Science Center of Iowa will open to the public May 14, however, invitation-only ‘test audiences’ will begin previewing shows as early as April 16. Hunter says she’d like to have the first phase of the Iowa Technology Showcase complete at that time. The display will likely rotate as additional inventions are submitted. If you would like to submit a model of your invention for display in the Iowa Technology Showcase, contact Bart Fisher at 515-288-3667 x. 240

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