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A NEW LOOK!May 6, 2002

As you can see on this issue of MVS Spotlight, McKee, Voorhees and Sease is sporting a new look these days. You will be seeing this new, more contemporary design on all of our current communications and many of the new materials that are currently under development. We wanted our identity to really look and feel like us. We didn’t want something stuffy or overly formal. We wanted classic design with a little flair and color. We hope you agree that our new look really does reflect the people and the work style of MVS. However, our new look and letterhead is just part of a much larger effort. In 2001 we made a commitment to really examine how we could communicate who we are as a firm more clearly and effectively. This past fall we embarked on a research project to determine how we could fine-tune our services to better serve clients. Many of our clients were asked to participate in either a written or phone survey. We had an overwhelming response and were very pleased with the results. We want to thank all of you who took the time to share your opinions and thoughts. From that survey we learned several things. We learned that we are a critical intellectual property law information source for our clients. Based on your comments, we will begin providing regular updates on the latest happenings in IP law. We also heard that you wanted to know more about the firm and the work that we do. The research showed that our web site doesn’t contain enough valuable content and tools to make you keep coming back. Over the next several months, we’ll be revamping our site so that it is a more useful tool for you. Another message that we took away from the research is that you’d like more contact with all the attorneys on your team. We’re exploring ways to make that happen as well. Overall, the research results were outstanding. We’re pleased that we are meeting and often exceeding our clients’ expectations. But we also know there is room for improvement. We hope you like our new look and, over the next few months, will like the additional tools and services we’ll be introducing.

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