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80 years later and going strongJanuary 21, 2004

The year was 1924.That’s when it all began for the intellectual property law office known today as McKee Voorhees and Sease. Calvin Coolidge was in office and made waves as the first president to deliver a radio broadcast from the White House. J. Edgar Hoover had just taken over the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The Geneva Protocol was adopted to support the League of Nations. Macy’s held its first Thanksgiving Day Parade and Edwin Hubble demonstrated that the universe was filled with other galaxies.Meanwhile, a man with a master’s degree in patent law made his way from Washington, D.C. to Chicago to his final destination, Des Moines, Iowa. This is where Talbert Dick intended to set up his practice in patent law. A former sergeant with the US Army Air Corps, he dedicated his professional life to doing nothing else other than protecting inventions and discoveries. For 80 years we have upheld Talbert Dick’s standards by continuing to devote all of our time, energy and resources to the industry that is intellectual property law. From a solo practice to a firm with 18 attorneys; from solely representing Iowans to a client base that today spans the world; from patent applications typed by manual typewriters to advice on e-Commerce business methods

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