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Plant Breeding and Plant-Related Technology

Overview Plant patents, PVPs, PBRs, utility patents:  there have never before been so many options to protect plant related technology.  MVS boasts a nationally recognized practice as a leader in Intellectual Property strategy for plants and plant inventions, not the least of which includes successfully handling the seminal United State Supreme Court case, JEM Ag […]

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Pharma and Nutra

Overview Pharmaceutical advances are improving outcomes for patients worldwide. But new inventions face a broad range of hurdles in getting to market, including rigid regulatory structures, lengthy clinical trials, and whirlwind changes in the technological landscape. Our lawyers combine a targeted business focus with proven experience to serve as trusted advisors to pharmaceutical clients. We […]

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Food and Beverage Technologies

Overview Participants in the food and beverage industry face a host of challenges, from unpredictable consumer appetites to stringent regulations and threats of litigation. We help clients of all sizes navigate this complex environment, driving their innovations forward and establishing distinct brands that resonate in a volatile market. McKee, Voorhees & Sease provides sophisticated, business-savvy […]

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Consumer Products and Technology

Overview  In a marketplace fueled by rapid-fire innovation, developers of consumer products must contend with challenges ranging from shifting brand loyalties to pricing pressures, safety and compliance issues, and increasingly high customer expectations. Our seasoned IP practitioners craft and execute broad-based strategies that guide products to market and position clients for long-term growth. McKee, Voorhees […]

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Chemistry, Material Sciences, and Nanotechnology

Overview Chemical industry participants must contend with a multitude of challenges, from the need to be safer, cost-effective, and more “green” at the breakneck speed of technological advancement. Leveraging proven business acumen, rigorous scientific training, and knowledge about industry and markets obtained through decades of working with our clients, we help convert bench research into […]

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Animal Health

Overview Our globally recognized animal health and genetics team offers a full range of IP and regulatory services to participants in this quickly-evolving sector, serving as trusted partners throughout the entire life cycle of their innovations – from strategic planning to development, due diligence, design, prosecution, licensing, commercialization and enforcement. McKee, Voorhees & Sease advises […]

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Medical Devices

Overview  The medical technology sector offers significant opportunities – and challenges – to professionals, corporations, universities, and foundations seeking to bring new devices to market. We serve as strategic partners, drawing on decades of experience to protect and enhance clients’ inventions. Our focus begins and ends with business strategy. To minimize risk and maximize the […]

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Overview Sophisticated lighting applications incorporate complex technologies that can be difficult to patent and protect. Innovations in the generation, control by reflectance and optics, and effective application of light – in terms of intensity, coverage, and efficiency – involve intricate physics concepts. Combining extensive IP experience with scientific expertise, we help clients translate their lighting […]

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Financial Technology

Overview As the pace of change continues to accelerate in the fintech arena, businesses must navigate an increasingly rigorous course to bring their ideas to market. Drawing on decades of experience, we work with clients to develop successful strategies that preserve their intellectual assets and keep them at the forefront of innovation. We advise and […]

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