Michael H. Anderson, Ph.D.

Michael’s practice is focused on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, primarily in the biotechnology field. Michael has significant experience representing clients of all sizes, ranging from small startups to public companies and institutions.

Michael’s life sciences practice includes biologic and biochemical therapeutics, nucleic acid therapeutics, microbial technologies, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, as well as diagnostics, drug discovery and drug delivery technologies. In addition to his biotechnology and pharmaceutical expertise, Michael has experience handling a wide variety of technologies including aerospace technologies, telecommunications, additive manufacturing technologies and solar panels.

  • Biotechnology Patents
  • Mechanical Patents
  • Academic Research and Technology Transfer
  • Agritech
  • Animal Health
  • Consumer Products and Technology
  • Food and Beverage Technologies
  • Pharma and Nutra
  • Plant Breeding and Plant-Related Technology

Santa Clara University School of Law, J.D., 2013

University of California at Santa Cruz, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2012

University of California at Los Angeles, B.S., Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, 2007

Legal Publications

Anderson, M. and Cislo, D. Venue Selection and the Rise of “Super” Patent Courts in the Post-AIA Era. Texas Tech Business and Bankruptcy Law Journal 2016 (v3:279).

Anderson, M. and Cislo, D. The Interplay of Trade Secret Protection and Patent Filing Strategy Under the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016. The Los Angeles Daily Journal 2016 July 1.

Cislo, D. and Anderson, M. Provisional Patent Applications in the Post-AIA Era. Intellectual Property Magazine 2016 May 3.

Anderson, M. and Cislo, D. The California Central District Court: the New Hotspot for International Intellectual Property Disputes. Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal 2015 Jan 20.

Anderson, M. and Cislo, D.; Saavedra, J.; Cameron, K. Why International Inventors Might Want to Consider Filing Their First Patent Application at the United States Patent Office and the Convergence of Patent Harmonization and eCommerce. Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal 2014 (v31).

Anderson, M. and Cislo, D. Best Venue for Non-US Firms’ IP Cases. The Los Angeles Daily Journal 2014 May 21.

Anderson, M.; Cislo, D.; Nielsen, M. Real World Molecular Biology Conflicts with the Supreme Court’s Recent Decision on Patentable cDNA. The Los Angeles Daily Journal 2013 Jun 25.

Scientific Publications

Anderson, M.; Schultz, E.; Martick, M.; Scott, W.  Active-Site Mg2+ Ions Revealed in a 1.55 Å Resolution Hammerhead Ribozyme Structure. Journal of Molecular Biology 2013 Oct 23; 425(20):3790-8.

Saavedra, J.Z.; Bayrasy, P.; Resendez, A.; Snelling, R.; Anderson, M.H.; Singaram, B. Synthesis of HInCl2 and exploration of its reactivity with organic functional groups. Tandem, selective and partial reductions of halo nitriles. Arkivoc. 2012, (vii) 167-189.


Anderson, Michael H.; Managing Science in the Biotech Industry, Industry Panel. Postdoc Bootcamp hosted by The American Society for Cell Biology and Keck Graduate Institute, Claremont, CA. 14 July, 2016.

Anderson, Michael H.; Patent Filing Strategy in the Post-AIA Era. MedTech Innovation Course – UCLA Bioengineering 233A. UCLA Anderson School of Business, Los Angeles, CA. 11 April, 2016.

Anderson, Michael H.; Quality, Regulatory Law, and Intellectual Property. Parenteral Drug Association Conference at Keck Graduate Institute, Claremont, CA. 04 December, 2015.

Anderson, Michael H.; Direct Observation of Single Hammerhead Ribozyme Cleavage and Ligation. UCSF Annual Bay Area RNA Conference at Genentech Hall, San Francisco, CA. 24 January, 2012.

Missouri State Bar

U.S., Patent and Trademark Office


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