USPTO Proposes Rule Changes for International Design Applications
December 02, 2013

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is seeking comments on it proposed rules for implementing the provisions of Title I of the Patent Law Treaties Implementation Act of 2012. The law is the implementing legislation for the 1999 Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs (“the Hague Agreement”). The rules proposed rule changes under the law will....... Read More

    Flawed Evidence Undercuts "Charbucks" Trademark Suit
    November 27, 2013

      In Starbucks Corp. v. Wolfe’s Borough Coffee, Inc., the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit affirmed a district court’s decision denying injunctive relief in Starbucks’ trademark case against Black Bear Micro Roastery over Black Bear’s use of “Charbucks” for coffee. Starbucks sued Black Bear in 2001, alleging, among other things, trademark dilution in violation of 1....... Read More

      New and Useful - January 23, 2013
      January 23, 2013

        · In Wax v. Amazon Techs., the Federal Circuit upheld the TTAB’s denial of registration of the mark AMAZON VENTURES. Applicant filed and intent-to-use application to register the mark for “investment management, raising venture capital for others, . . . and capital investment consultation.” Amazon Technologies, Inc.—online retailer and owner of several AMAZON.COM marks&mdas....... Read More

        Leahy-Smith America Invents Act Reforms Patent Law
        September 15, 2011

          The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act goes into effect beginning September 16, 2011. This Act represents the most comprehensive legislative change to patent law since the 1950s. Most significantly, it changes how priority is determined for an invention and expands and revises procedures for administratively challenging patents through the Patent Office instead of the court system. Some of the provisions have imme....... Read More

          New rules limiting continuation applications coming soon?
          March 02, 2007

            According to multiple rumors, the USPTO may be nearing publishing its final rules regarding limits on continuation applications. When initially announced in January 2006, many patent practitioners and law professors, including now-Federal Circuit Judge Kimberly Moore, believed the limits to be beyond the scope of the USPTO's authority to enact, instead requiring a statutory change by Congress. The USPTO received....... Read More

            USPTO Director Jon Dudas talks patent reform
            February 28, 2007

              Over at ZDnet there is very good coverage of a recent speech about patent reform by USPTO director Jon Dudas. Mr. Dudas spoke at the Tech Policy Summit on the issue of whether the patent system was hurting innovation. Mr. Dudas stated that the biggest problem leading to bad quality patents is the obviousness requirement, which the Supreme Court is addressing in the KSR v. Teleflex case argued last November (a de....... Read More

              Patent reform legislation: is this year the year?
              February 16, 2007

                Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the possibility of reform of the U.S. Patent system. Given that the title of the hearing was "American Innovation at Risk: The Case for Patent Reform," it's easy to surmise that the general theme of the hearing was that reform is needed. Dennis Crouch at Patently-O provides brief summaries of the four panelists' testimony. Several different patent re....... Read More

                House passes pilot program for judges to volunteer for patent cases
                February 13, 2007

                  Yesterday the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R.34, a bill that would establish a pilot program that would enable district court judges who want to hear patent cases to volunteer for such cases as well as receive additional training on patent law. The bill now moves to the Senate, where some expect it will also pass and eventually be signed into law by President Bush this year. Under the bill, at least 5 ....... Read More

                  New GAO report suggests that some patents may hamper development of new "innovative" drugs
                  December 21, 2006

                    A report released by the Government Accountability Office indicates that while expenditures on research and development by drug companies have increased, this has not resulted in a commensurate increase in new drug applications (NDAs) with the FDA. In fact, NDAs have decreased by 21% from 1999 to 2004. The larger concern raised by the report is the decrease in the number of NDAs for "new molecular entites" (NMEs....... Read More

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