Chemical Patents

MVS patent attorneys in the chemical practice group are committed to providing broad-based, cost-effective services to clients in the chemical sector. Our attorneys blend a variety of technical expertise with proven legal experience to provide their clients the best in IP service. From strategic development analysis to preparation and filing of interferences, arbitrations, and licensing, our chemical patent attorneys are equipped to meet your IP needs and business goals.

MVS chemical patent attorneys have advanced degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, and pharmacy. Four have Doctorate level advanced degrees, and three have Masters level advanced degrees. The chemical practice group is led by two attorneys with over 45 years of combined experience in the chemical practice, including over 15  years of specific industry experience.

We work with corporations, small businesses, universities and individuals in protecting their intellectual property in the following areas:

Chemical Engineering  Industrial Chemicals  Biochemistry 
Physical Chemistry  Chiral Chemistry  Organic and Inorganic Chemistry 
Metallurgy  Analytical Chemistry  Polymer Science 
Material Science Pharmaceuticals Semiconductor Materials and Fabrication
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs
Nutritional Supplements, Probiotics and Synbiotics
Pharmaceutical Delivery Systems
Vaccines Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine

MVS advises clients in the following areas:

  • Patentability search and opinions
  • Freedom-to-operate analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Portfolio planning, including US and international patent filings
  • Trade secret protections

Clients we have worked with include:

Draxis  Ecolab, Inc. 
Healthpoint Ltd. Immunom Technologies, Inc.
Integrated DNA Technologies Iowa Health Systems
Iowa State University Lifeline Technologies
MegaBase Research Products Ossian, Inc.
Pennsylvania State University TriDelta
Auburn University University of Iowa
McCord Research Inc. University of North Dakota
University of Zurich Zinpro Corporation
University of Nebraska Medical Center
University of Iowa School of Pharmacy
Iowa Methodist Medical Center  

Chemical Patents Practice Group Chair: Heidi S. Nebel

Representing clients around the world to provide the utmost experience and expertise.

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